Thanks so much for your interest in FitQuick mix!

Just a few questions answered:

How long after I buy should I expect get my waffle on?

Please expect a few days to ship as we’re still a smaller run company, then it’s all in the mail mans hands but expect about 7 days.

What if I need my waffle cravings satisfied NOW?!

Feel free to email me at xvxholly@gmail.com if you have any urgent needs or questions.

How else can I support this awesome company?! 

Tell your friends on Facebook or Instagram with posts about the delicious breakfasts you made, #FITQUICK and tag me (@xvxh)

I LOVE the regular FitQuick but would like to switch it up, when are you coming out with other flavors?

New flavors are being designed currently, but if you have any amazing ideas please email me at xvxholly@gmail.com with any comments or flavor suggestions.